Member Survey

Member Survey 
Chair: Mary Hays 
Size: 1-5
Time Commitment:
Will vary with survey complexity.

Season: All year

The primary purpose of the Member Survey Committee is to create, distribute, collect, tabulate and report a survey of all the members of the club annually. The Annual Membership Survey is extensive, requiring input from all Board members and Committee chairs in order to create a survey that is thorough and relevant.  Historically, the survey planning begins in January with the development and approval of the schedule.  Distribution to the membership occurs via an online survey tool.  This should occur no later than mid-March, in order to allow sufficient response time, data collection, tabulation and distribution to the Board prior to the May Board Retreat.  In addition, the committee may be asked to provide survey data throughout the year to various Committee Chairs as needed.   
We have used Survey Monkey beginning in 2005,  which has allowed us to maintain a historical record of all surveys.   Other surveys have included the following:  Speaker Surveys, Strategic Planning, Committee Planning, Rotary License Plate and Centennial Project Planning.