License Plate Initiative

Michigan Rotarians…

Got Plates?

The State of Michigan issues specialty fundraising license plates for various organizations, notably universities. A committee in the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor has been formed to pursue a Rotary edition. Eighteen states and the province of Ontario already offer such designs. In Michigan, such a plate would bring in a $25 donation as part of the $35 additional cost. Distribution of the donations has yet to be explored. All could go to TRF or, with enough information from the state, could be sent to district or club foundations in proportion to the number of plates purchased.

There are several major steps that need to be taken:
• A bill passed through the Michigan Legislature.
• Setup costs of $15,000
• Sales of at least 2,000 plates in the first year

Our committee believes the last requirement will be the most difficult because there are fewer than 12,000 Rotarians in Michigan. Based on a survey within our club and conversations with members of other clubs, we have some confidence that we can sell enough to qualify. As a result, a request was mailed to State Representative Mark Ouimet, a fellow Ann Arbor Rotarian, in early July 2011, asking for his help.

For submission of results, questions, suggestions and offers to help, please send a message to