Club Direction


Club Service


Rotary Role is to:

Schedule a wide variety of high-quality speakers that reflects both the interests of our members and the diversity of our community. About 49 programs are intended during the year, all of which are carefully previewed and evaluated by committee members.

Set Up

Rotary Role is to:

Provide service by 30 minutes or less prior to our lunch meetings and 20 minutes or less after the meeting, preparing the room for our weekly meetings, and to putting things away afterward. The committee sees to the placement and storage of small items and materials used during the luncheon.

Audio Visual

Rotary Role is to:

Operate and make improvements, when possible, to the Rotary audio and projection systems used during the weekly meetings. Train and schedule the people needed for the setup and operation of the audio and projection systems, as well as the three wireless “microphone runners” who enable effective audience participation in the meetings.


Rotary Role is to:

Provide weekly songs for the club meeting by selecting one or two songs for the weekly meeting; printing and distributing about 150 copies of the words (8 copies per table); reviewing the music with the assigned accompanist; and then leading the club (conducting) as the members sing. Most of our accompanists can transpose to a key that the membership can accommodate vocally. A secondary purpose is to provide talent for special programs that Ann Arbor Rotary may develop from time to time.

Meeting Staff

Rotary Role is to:

Draft task schedule by quarters and communicat to members their assigned responsibilities. This communication is accomplished by emailing each member assigned for the particular quarter their relevant schedule; and by posting the schedule on the Club’s website. Committee is also responsible for following up and reminding members of their assigned roles weekly via-email ahead of time.

Member Survey

Rotary Role is to:

Create, distribute, collect, tabulate and report a survey of all the members of the club annually. The Annual Membership Survey is extensive, requiring input from all Board members and Committee chairs in order to create a survey that is thorough and relevant. Planning begins in January with the development and approval of the schedule. Distribution to the membership occurs via an online survey tool. This should occur no later than mid-March, in order to allow sufficient response time, data collection, tabulation and distribution to the Board prior to the May Board Retreat. In addition, the committee may be asked to provide survey data throughout the year to various Committee Chairs as needed.

Rotary After Hours - Bowling

Rotary Role is to:

Bowl every Thursday night starting the first Thursday in September through to the last Thursday in April. We start at 6:30PM and generally finish about 9:30PM.

Club Outreach

Global Grant Scholarships
International Humanitarian Projects

Rotary Role is to:

Identify, develop and execute projects that result in improvements in people’s lives and communities in developing areas of the world.

Membership Development

Rotary Role is to:

Support the membership base of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor through active recruitment efforts focused on community members whose interests are aligned with the Club’s mission and initiatives; and are reflective of the rich, diverse community we serve. Committee works closely with potential new member sponsors to ensure our sponsors review the application with the nominee and to manage their new members' expectations.

Membership Engagement

Rotary Role is to:

Engage members in Rotary activities to further enhance their Rotary experience:

New Members
Work closely with the Membership Development Committee on the transition of new members from "recruitment/induction" to "participation/engagement":
⁃ Assure New Member projects that support new members to self-select a local, time bound class project.
⁃ Familiarize and support new members with the scope of our various committees and ensure they are smoothly assimilated into a committee of their (new member) choice.

Existing Members
⁃ Support Rotary Cares (RC) team, operating as a sub-set of the Membership Engagement Committee to assure members who are in need of support due to such things as illness, pregnancy, death in family, lost job should all qualify to be recognized by the club with a card and/or contact via phone, email or direct visit. RC also approves condolence cards upon the passing of Rotary members.
⁃ Use monthly random seating plan at the main Rotary meetings to aid increased interaction among members and guests.
⁃ Lead occasional one-off projects, e.g. Update on the Club's "Emeritus Member" policy
⁃ Review Annual Member Survey to understand levels of engagement, review/follow up with committee chairs, add "Attendees" to the Minutes Template so committee chairs and Rotary Board can excite members' engagement on all our committees.

Doers of Good Service (DOGS)

Rotary Role is to:

Provide local volunteer opportunities for Club members throughout the Rotary year to benefit the community. After selection of volunteer opportunities, DOGS provides leadership and guidance for managing the volunteer activity with a project champion - - either a club member or DOGS committee-person. DOGS evaluates volunteer opportunities upon completion to assess if they had impact in the community and were of interest for further engagement with the Club in the future.

Community Service

Golf & Tennis Outing

Rotary Role is to:

* Provide a fundraiser for the Club to support our CAC programs and the Centennial
* Promote awareness of Rotary in the greater community
* Provide enjoyment and fellowship for Rotarians through a top golf and tennis venue, dinner, silent and live auction, with entertainment or speaker options.

The Committee divides its work into two parts:1) Soliciting donations from the greater Ann Arbor Community, including Club members, in support of the Club's designated Community Service Project(s), and 2) Staging the Golf Outing and/or other event selected to be associated with the fundraising.

The fundraising work involves helping to select the beneficiary projects, preparing the promotional materials, preparing the solicitation list and making the asks. The event work involves selecting the venue, date and type of event, doing the detailed planning of all the tasks involved to stage the event and executing the tasks both before and the day of the event.

Community Allocations

Rotary Role is to:

Coordinate the Club's award of grants to local non-profits that support programs aligned with the Club's goal of "Helping All Kids Succeed." The Committee has a primary grant-making cycle in the first quarter of each calendar year during which it solicits proposals from area non-profits; evaluates the proposals, and recommends to the Board as many as the budget allows. Grant awards are up to $5,000. One or more proposals are also submitted to District 6380 for an award of 50% matching funds (up to $2,500). These proposals are required to include a significant role for the participation of Rotary Club volunteers.

The Committee also reviews reports from non-profits concerning their use of funds; shares information about the supported programs with the Club membership and the Public Affairs Committee; and engages in a process of continually reviewing and revising the grant award process with an eye to continuous improvement.

Rotary Fights Summer Hunger

Rotary Role is to:

Partner with Food Gatherers for a two-week food drive in March of each year. All food and cash is sent to Food Gatherers who uses the proceeds to assist families in need in Washtenaw County.

Vocational Service

Rotary Tutors and Readers

Rotary Role is to:

Rotary Tutors work at Angell Elementary, Burns Park, Abbott School and the Beatty Learning Center. We have 24 active tutors working in these schools. The tutors typically work one session each week during the school year. The tutoring schedules are set between the school contact person, the teacher and the tutor.

Service Above Self Scholarships

Rotary Role is to:

Offer “Service above Self” scholarships to WCC students who are current or past graduates of any Ann Arbor high school; with Military veterans receiving special consideration. The Rotary Club will award up to eight (8) scholarships each year, covering up to $1,250 of tuition for fall semester and $1,250 for winter semester. The award is renewable for one (1) additional year if the recipient shows satisfactory progress in his or her program.


Rotary Role is to:

Encourage, support and motivate a group of high-risk high school students at “Pathways to Success” (formerly Ann Arbor Tech and Stone School) about the importance of attending Washtenaw Community College.

Junior Rotarians

Rotary Role is to:

Annually host “Junior Rotarians” who are senior students from Local high schools; where each student has been identified by the schools' counselor or teacher as having an excellent academic record as well as experience in community involvement.

Youth Service
Ann Arbor Rotaract

University of Michigan Rotaract

Rotary Role is to:

Support and mentor the University of Michigan Rotaract Club with their mission to provide young adults the opportunity to serve local and international communities, while simultaneously providing professional development and leadership skills. This committee also supports the Mentorship program by: assuring all interested Rotaractors are assigned a Rotary mentor, monitoring the number of student participants yearly, promoting mentor-mentee activities by providing a list of suggested activities to mentors, and host and monitor the number of Rotaractors who join us at weekly Rotary meetings each year.


Rotary Role is to:

Provide support and guidance to the Huron / Pioneer High School Interact Clubs, educating students on the purpose and objectives of Rotary and introducing students to the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and its members. Assist students as they seek opportunities to engage in meaningful service projects (local and international) and develop leadership and organizational skills.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Rotary Role is to:

Provide opportunity for local high school students to participate in this annual weekend leadership conference organized by Rotary District 6380. The conference is designed to encourage leadership, promote personal and leadership development, and encourage character building and good citizenship. The RYLA conference also introduces students to Rotary and helps develop future Interact Club leadership teams.

Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE)

Rotary Role is to:

Promote cultural awareness and global understanding, goodwill, and peace by providing young people a study abroad opportunity through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, through hosting international Rotary Youth Exchange students, or through alternative programs that promote and develop international student relationships reflecting global changes in political, social, and communication dynamics.

Publications and Communications


Rotary Role is to:

The Harpoon Committee’s charge is to disseminate information about the Club, function as a weekly Club activity summary and to promote club activities through the medium of the Harpoon and the eHarpoon, Rotary's electronic newsletters. The Harpoon includes past and upcoming events. There is a full online version which has a report of the previous meeting and lists upcoming programs, Committee meetings and other Club news. Each Harpoon highlights the previous presentation from the featured speaker.


Rotary Role is to:

Manage our website as an information source, archive space and Club point of access to both members and non-members. The committee works with the Club Administrator, Board, and Committees to edit and update website content, post the weekly Harpoon, and solicit and post information about local, District and Rotary International meetings, events, and programs; and perform maintenance on the features and functions of the website as needed.

Public Relations & Social Media

Public Relations

Rotary Role is to:

Increase awareness of Club activities both within the Club and in the Community at large provide support to other committees within the Club to highlight and promote specific events and projects throughout the year using print media, tv and radio, slideshow presentations and any Social Media support.

Social Media

Rotary Role is to:

Build content on social media outlets to create an enhanced online presence for the Club, and support special request promotions of events such as the Annual Golf & Tennis Outing


Rotary Role is to:

Send photographers to Club Meetings and other Club activities to support the Public Relations of our Club; contribute photographs as needed for Club presentations and reports; and maintain archival photographic records for the Club's historical and other uses.

Club Centennial 2016

Rotary Role is to:

Commemorate the Club’s 100-Year Anniversary with the creation of a Universal Access Playground in Gallup Park (the most popular park in Washtenaw County) in cooperation with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department.  Promote the all-inclusive playground within the community where it fills a major unmet need. Celebrate the conclusion of the project with a Gala Evening.