Golf and Tennis Outing/Centennial Gala 2016

The Ann Arbor Rotary Club's annual Golf and Tennis Outing and Centennial Gala took place on Monday, September 12 at the Barton Hills Country Club. 

Golf and Tennis Outing

Golfers checking in on a beautiful day

These golfers are raring to go!

And, there were tennis players, too!

Centennial Gala


President Collyer is ready to party like it's 1916!

Ann Arbor Rotarians are always up for a good time!

We heard from some distinguished speakers.

And, of course, there was lots of singing and dancing.

It takes a village    
Many thanks to all the Rotarians who made our Gala Centennial Celebration so much fun. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.  But here is a list of those who worked so hard:
  • Planners:  Pat Pooley, Anne Glendon, Karen Kerry
  • Table Coordinators and Harmonizers:  Ingrid Sheldon and Susan Smith
  • Hosts and Hostesses:  All former Rotary Board Presidents
  • Gala Program Author, Pianist, and so much more:  John Ackenhusen
  • Historical Researcher:  Tom Millard
  • Slide Show Producer:  Fred Buetler 
  • Master of Ceremonies Extraordinaire - Ken Fischer
  • Coordinator of Wine, Women and Song - Shelley MacMillan
  • Invocation:  Art Holst
  • Historical Minute:  Al Storey
  • Composer and Lyricist:  Centennial March - Jim Irwin
  • Event Photographers:  Fred Beutler, Ginny Geren
  • Costumier:  Millie Danielson
  • Greeters:  Millie Danielson, Kelly Fitzsimmons, Jeanette and Bob Buchanan, Nancy and Tim Harrison
  • Design:  Katherine Larson
  • Publicity:  Deb VandenBroek
  • Donor List:  Amy Goodman
  • Auxiliary Supporters:  Collyer Smith, Bob Buckler, Jerry Prescott, Roy More, Tony Derezinski, Wayne Colquitt, Karen Driggs, Ruthie Ackenhusen, Ann Schriber
Golf and Tennis Outing Volunteers
The Golf and Tennis outing was a tremendous success and had the most participants ever!   132 golfers and 13 tennis players graced the grounds of Barton Hills on a picture perfect day!
A fabulous time was had by all, due to the time and efforts of the Golf & Tennis Outing Committee and many volunteers.  So many folks to thank.  If we missed you, our apologies in advance. 
Thank You to the Golf & Tennis Outing volunteers on Sept 12th, Downs Herold, Dave Shotwell, John Simpkins, Carol Williams, Agnes Reading, Doug Freeth, Missy Stricherz, Dave Keosaian, Joanne Pierson, Doug Moffat, Fred Buetler, Ed Hoffman, Dennis Powers, Terry Linden, Dave Williams, Ingrid Sheldon, Edd Post.  
Thank you to all who supported the success of the Silent Auction, Parties and Pies and the Raffles: Carolyn Grawi, Agnes Reading, Dave Shotwell, Joanne Pierson, Amy Kilbourne, Peg Talbutt, Lisa Dorwin, Bob & Jeannine Buchanan, Pat Pooley, Ginny Geren, Millie Danielson, Mary D’Alessandro, Missy Stricherz, Carol Williams, Dave Williams, John Simpkins, Terry Linden, Steve Schramm, and the Rotaract Team of Kelly Hall, Nick Bosio, Sam Ozminkowski, and Anastasia Pacifico.