Thanks to an energized planning team, many enthusiastic members and friends, beautiful weather, fine Barton Hills facilities, and very special auction items, the Club's Golf and Tennis Outing was a major social, financial, and athletic (?!) event! Thank you sponsors, committee, attendees, and everyone who made the day a success!

Coach Hoke Visits

Training is underway and Coach Hoke made his annual visit to brief Rotarians on the upcoming season.

On the Road with Rotarians



Invited by May speaker Josh Linkner to come to Detroit for a downtown tour, our members were quickly on board with the idea. To see a little of the amazing adventure, follow this link!

(Hint:  the horse at left is part of the in-house design team at Detroit Ventures.  Madonna visited there recently and fell in love with the horse, one of many objects of visual interest in the work areas in downtown Detroit.)

We Gotta' Have ART!

Marie Klopf (center), president/CEO of the Ann Arbor Art Center, surrounded by president Karen Kerry, Omari Rush and guests after addressing the Club on July 23rd. 

Welcome President Karen!

Here's President Karen wearing "the shirt" as she listens along with immediate past president Maurita Holland to a presentation by president-elect Ashish Sarkar. The Club wishes President Karren a most succesful, busy, and fun-filled new year!

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