U-M Women's Basketball Coach Kevin Borseth - Mid-season Women Wolverine Hoops Report

02/10/2010 - 12:00
02/10/2010 - 1:30pm

The U-M Women’s Basketball team began this season with surprising success, winning nine of their first eleven games.  In Big Ten competition, things have not gone so well – but not for lack of effort or strong leadership, as four of the losses were by a combined total of eleven points, including two heartbreakers to the nationally fifth-ranked Buckeyes.  With his usual fiery charm, Coach Borseth will give us a progress report and preview the rest of the season.

U-M Afroamerican Studies Lecturer Scott Ellsworth - Small Steps, Big Impact: How Four Forgotten College Students Changed America

02/03/2010 - 12:00
02/03/2010 - 1:30pm

The American Civil Rights Movement began dramatically with the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955-56. Remarkable as that was, however, it was not repeated in other Southern cities, and four years later segregation in the South seemed as entrenched as ever. Scott Ellsworth will explain how four unexceptional young men in a college dormitory in North Carolina then embarked on a course of action that would change racial politics in America forever.

Appraiser Ed Hoffman - Good, Better, Best: Why Appraisals are Important.

12/16/2009 - 12:00
12/16/2009 - 1:30pm

December 16th, 2009

As we approach the New Year and the annual making (and breaking) of resolutions, here's something important to add to your to-do (or have-done) list.  Inventory your possessions and have them appraised.  Our speaker will explain what-all is involved in this process and why it is so important . . . not only for insurance, tax and estate planning purposes, but also for your own (and your family's) peace of mind.  Host-introducer: Heidi Vitso.

Ed Hoffman
Why Appraisals are Important

Annual Holiday Concert in the Ballroom - Pioneer High School Choirs

12/09/2009 - 12:00
12/09/2009 - 1:30pm

December 9th, 2009

If you aren't in the holiday spirit when you arrive for this week's luncheon meeting, you will be when you depart . . . after a special meal (including dessert!) and concert by Pioneer High School Choirs directed by Honorary Paul Harris Fellow Kenneth Westerman.  As always, guests are especially welcome for this wonderful annual event.

Thomas Kinnear - The Role of Entrepeneurship in Building a Regional Innovation-Based Economy

11/18/2009 - 00:00
11/18/2009 - 1:30pm

Speaker: Thomas Kinnear, Entrepeneurial Studies Professor, U-M Business School
Topic: The Role of Entrepeneurship in Building a Regional Innovation-Based Economy

Nov. 18: This is the third in a series of programs focused on building an innovation-based regional economy by converting U-M research breakthroughs into dynamic, well capitalized and managed businesses.  Professor Kinnear, Director of the Zell-Lurie Institute for Entrepeneurial Studies at the Ross School of Business, will discuss the vital role of entrepeneurship – and the study and teaching of entrepreneurial leadership – in this process.  Host/introducer: Michael Cole.

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