Concert to benefit polio eradication

World Polio Day Saturday October 24, 2009, and a Concert to End Polio Wednesday December 2nd Lincoln Center NY, NY. 

The Ann Arbor Rotary Spring Concert

Singers: Huron High School A Capella Choir; Richard Ingram, Director

We always know that Spring has well and truly sprung when the Huron A Capella Choir presents its annual Rotary concert. This year the Choir will present a diverse collection of wisdom from the distant past wrapped in music of much more recent times.

Each selection was composed or arranged by a 20th Century composer but has a connection to an older era, including texts by 17th Century poets Robert Burns and Andrew Marvell, a Japanese folk song, an ancient Biblical text from the Old Testament, and for the grand finale, a traditional William Dawson arrangement of the spiritual "Soon - Ah Will Be Done with the Troubles of the World."

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